Friday, May 11, 2007

Steffi & Jared's Flick Page.

steph strikes back
Originally uploaded by jaredlong9.
My sister Steph & and her husband Jared have been teaching in Japan for the last two years. It has been really interesting to watch their day to day life via flickr. It's just a little window into the culture they are experiencing.

Their flickr gallery really has a nice time line narative to it, you can tell that they become more and more comfortable with their new surroundings as the images progress.

We have been using Skype to communicate as well (and pulled in my Dad and Step mom as well to using Skype). It really is our own little family experiment of new media. Steffi and Jared have watched Olivia & Lukas grow up via Flickr, Skype & Blogger, we have not once picked up a traditional 'phone' in to years.

You can check out there first YouTube post from there trip to Tokyo here.

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