Monday, February 11, 2008

Lukas's First Ski Day!

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This past Saturday, I took Lukas for his first ski lesson at Winter Park. Lukas and his Friend Jordan had a great day at Mary Jane on the Galloping Goose run. Lukas was so excited to go, that he almost jumped out of his skin on the car ride up.

As a parent, i was impressed with the setup at Mary Jane. We skied for free all day as long as we were skiing in the family area. Great setup to get the kids started and interested in skiing, short little lift ride with a nice run they can get down in about 5 minutes. We ate pizza for lunch right at the base of the run (which was also a big hit).

We choose the perfect day to take the boys up as well, it was warm (just about 35) and sunny, so no complaining about being cold. The snow this year has been increadable, as any of you out there who get your Colorado snow reports from powderfone will already know.

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